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Juniper Vervotech, the pioneering technology in accomodation mapping

The leading system for providing accomodation data solutions, including Hotel Mapping, Room Mapping and Hotel Curated Content, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Juniper Vervotech, the new vertical setting global standards for accommodation mapping

Juniper Travel Technology integrates Vervotech into its corporate structure in August 2023. The acquisition is a key part of Juniper’s strategy to remain a leader in travel technology solutions.

With this addition, Juniper creates the new Juniper Vervotech division, specialising in the accommodation data industry and its needs.


Boosting the quality of accommodation data in the travel industry

Juniper Booking Engine and Vervotech Mappings offer a platform that optimises accommodation data, providing your customers with a reliable and enriching experience when searching for accommodation options on your website.

The solution maps the accommodation inventory with the latest and most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based technology to improve accommodation management and reduce booking errors.


Hotel Mapping

The best way to eliminate duplicate hotel inventory from multiple suppliers you work with.

The technology combination of Juniper Booking Engine‘s Unique Hotel module and Vervotech‘s Hotel Mapping represents duplicate-free hotel results prioritised by price or supplier on your website.

This platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver high-quality hotel content with 99.999% accuracy. 


Room Mapping

The leading room data mapping tool.

The platform combines the Room Mapping technology of Juniper Booking Engine and Vervotech.

The system standardises room data, offering all combinations and arrangements without duplicates.

The programme will provide your customers with detailed information to enable them to make smarter booking decisions.


Hotel Curated Content

The most accurate way to deliver illustrative and descriptive hotel content.

The solution is designed with artificial intelligence models, specialised in removing duplicates and providing illustrative and descriptive content from various accommodation suppliers. 

Dive into Juniper Vervotech's technology

Updated content

Have updated content to maximise your revenue and customer satisfaction.

Self Service Portal

Get feedback on suppliers' content quality, compare properties, and download mapping data at your conveniance through self-service portal. Use these content insights to drive business growth.

Unrivalled coverage

Achieve 98% content coverage, avoiding missed bookings due to inconsistent information, which translates into more business opportunities.

Unsurpassed Accuracy

Achieve 99.999% mapping accuracy. This will boost confidence in the information you provide.

24/7 Support

Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring a successful experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Rely on cutting-edge technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve accommodation management and increase bookings on your website.


Provide your customers with accurate information to make accommodation bookings.

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Discover the latest accommodation data technology with Juniper Vervotech.